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Bazzi interior decoration

About Bazzi Interior Decoration factory

Bazzi Interior Decoration is the story of a family of artisans with a passion for elegant and exclusive furniture.

Giancarlo, Erminio and Alfonso Bazzi founded the company back in 1972 as a small artisan workshop in the land of Brianza, about 20 km north of Milan, and is renowned for its long tradition in craft and wood carving.

After spending several years as self-employed carvers in the local furniture industry, they decided it was time to start their own business. According to them, their goal was to "create" not just a piece of furniture, but something unique. In other words, for the furniture to become a work of art.
This concept became their credo, to which they are still true.

Bazzi Interior Decoration is a brand of one of the most exclusive furniture manufacturers in the world.

Every year since 1975, Bazzi Interior Decoration has been exhibiting its products at the Salone del Mobile, the most prestigious furniture fair in the world.

The company has often been asked to make reproductions of items on display in museums or palaces throughout Europe, and / or
come up with items inspired by them.

As a result of this constant focus on “distinctive” and “exclusive”, Bazzi Interior Decoration now owns over 1.200 original full-size furniture designs and over 1000 unique designs and patterns that are always available to customers.

Such attention and care for quality and detail is the principle of the company's daily activities, from the choice of wood to the choice of fabric, from the first drawings made for the client to the installation of furniture in his / her home.

The company takes care of every stage of furniture creation: they select the wood well in advance of its possible use, in order to allow it to "rest" and to be sure that over time it does not appear flaws.

They employ experienced woodworkers to ensure that every detail and every thread is studied and executed in the best possible way.

Paint, varnish, varnish, wax and polish are jointly selected by the best suppliers using only the best materials.

Thanks to this philosophy, Bazzi Interior Decoration furniture is appreciated all over the world.

Bazzi Interior Decoration business is a complete and exclusive service that will help clients to conceive, design and decorate their dream home.

The center of Italian furniture Antonovich Home is the official representative of the factory in Kazakhstan.

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The dimensions of Bazzi Interior Decoration furniture items can be specified by calling the phone number indicated on the website.