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About Bordignon Camillo factory

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Camillo Bordignon's craftsmanship has made him the most sought-after cabinetmaker from the most prestigious Italian and international families, creating unique furniture, true masterpieces of carpentry. Bordignon Camillo intends to strengthen its leadership in the high quality furniture sector through its consolidated tradition of antique furniture in particular and the luxury Made in Italy segment in general.

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Founded in 1973 to manufacture furniture, Bordignon Camillo specialized in the use of solid wood. Drawing on Camillo's experience and abilities in a traditional carpentry workshop, as well as on the organizational skills of his wife Tersilla, the couple decided to use only the most necessary mechanisms and fully trust the quality of their human resources.

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These solutions allowed their business to grow and focus on custom-made furniture, first starting with small modifications and then creating whole products using unique designs. In the 70s, production was focused on classic furniture built entirely from solid walnut, which soon gave the company its name due to the superior level of quality achieved in products, finishes and materials used.

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The company then moved closer to real consumer demands and focused on high quality products in terms of material and finish.

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With the entry of sons Gianluca and David into business in the mid-90s, the company acquired a commercial dimension that provided an organic presence in the sector, and as a result, the company gained worldwide importance.


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With the arrival of a young generation, always open and sensitive to market trends, Bordignon Camillo began introducing complete interior solutions designed in walnut color using various lacquer finishes, and soon became a benchmark in the sector thanks to reliability, quality and performance flexibility.

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Bordignon Camillo: Constant concern for quality

In keeping with its tradition, Bordignon Camillo continued a passion for continuous improvement and, above all, a constant focus on quality, the same quality that has always distinguished Bordignon Camillo, a quality that its loyal customers have enjoyed for over forty years.

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Antonovoch Home store (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan) gives you the opportunity to choose and buy furniture from the best Italian manufacturers.

The sizes of Bordignon Camillo furniture items can be specified by calling the phone number indicated on the website.