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Carlo asnaghi style

About Carlo Asnaghi Style Factory

The luxurious Carlo Asnaghi Style furniture is a product of the traditional craftsmanship of skilled craftsmen: carpenters, carvers, upholsterers.

CA Style is for everyone who chooses beautiful and sophisticated furniture as their own lifestyle.

Carlo Asnaghi Style: uniqueness

These unique designs stand out for their sophistication and traditional production, which manifests itself in meticulous detail, relentless research and the use of precious materials that combine with modern trends to create timeless pieces that stand out in the Italian interior design sector.

All Carlo Asnaghi Style products are customizable, providing the buyer with a unique product designed specifically for them. Elegantly designed works of art: the power of sculpture, embedded in wood, becomes a matter of everyday use and experience.

The center of Italian furniture Antonovich Home is the official representative of the Carlo Asnaghi Style factory in Kazakhstan.

Antonovoch Home store (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan) gives you the opportunity to choose and buy furniture from the best Italian manufacturers.

The dimensions of Carlo Asnaghi Style furniture items can be specified by calling the phone number indicated on the website.