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Ceppi style

About Ceppi Style factory

Ceppi Style is more than a company, it is a brand recognized all over the world with its own unique style and recognizability.

For 35 years, Claudio Ceppi has been the creator and designer of this company based in Brianza, an area that boasts over 200 years of industrial prosperity.

With its large export market, Ceppi Style is the flagship of the global furniture business.

Ceppi Style creates furniture in a classic style, but they manage to combine new methods of processing solid wood, while remaining true to the historical style.

Ceppi Style furniture is beautiful in an old way and comfortable in a modern way.

Modern proportions of classic furniture make it not only a reference, but also universal, so it easily fits into any interior.

New materials and technologies only add perfection to classic furniture, allowing to preserve timeless elegance and status.

The center of Italian furniture Antonovich Home is the official representative of the factory in Kazakhstan.

Antonovoch Home store (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan) gives you the opportunity to choose and buy furniture, lamps, accessories from the best Italian manufacturers.

The sizes of items can be specified by calling the phone number indicated on the website.