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About CorteZari factory

In 1970, entrepreneur Reno Zari founded Arredamenti San Marco, which was soon renamed Corte Zari and became a world renowned manufacturer of fine and quality furniture.

In a few years he created a small business that quickly entered the international market.

Thanks to the work done with the help of the most famous designers in the country, the constant inspiration born of the beautiful countryside between Siena and Florence, the company has gained widespread recognition and popularity.

The production expanded and diversified intensively, and the materials were updated and enriched - in addition to brass and aluminum, they now began to use iron, copper, wood and glass.

The company soon created a new brand, Cortezari, and opened the first Italian Shopgallery, a mono-brand store located near Rome, which immediately received excellent results in terms of sales and corporate image.

Currently, the second generation of the Zarya family is working in the company, fully involving themselves in the development and
corporate brand evolution.

Thanks to the will and passion of a highly professional and creative staff of employees and craftsmen who grew up in the traditional Tuscan craft, the company has created a personal, refined and elegant internationally recognized

This important development of the company contributed to the strengthening of the brand image, recognized all over the world, so that nowadays the name Cortezari is not only a brand, but above all a synonym for quality, exquisite design, elegant atmosphere, 100% Made in Italy.

Attention to customer needs and details, undeniable quality, elegant style remain the most important CorteZari brand.

Cortezari attracts with its high quality, both classic and modern solutions, with a unique design, bringing a unique, sophisticated and charming atmosphere to the house.

CorteZari - furniture with Italian charm.

Joint creativity, an atmosphere of mutual understanding, the desire to create a unique masterpiece - all this bears fruit, that is, furniture that you enjoy and admire.

The center of Italian furniture Antonovich Home is the official representative of the factory in Kazakhstan.

Antonovoch Home store (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan) gives you the opportunity to choose and buy furniture, lamps, accessories from the best Italian manufacturers.

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