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CPRN Homood

About CPRN Homood factory

A group of artisans belonging to the Ciac group gave birth to CPRN Homood, a contemporary furniture brand that embodies style, personality and understated wealth to meet the demands of 21st century life.
The main characteristics of CPRN Homood are restrained elegance, sophistication of lines, a combination of colors, a choice of precious and unique materials that make CPRN Homood an avant-garde brand of future design.

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CPRN Homood - carefully crafted wood and perfectly balanced finishes, unique stitching and inlays, precious leather. Discover architecture, design and art that combine modern style with timeless objects. Enjoy simple luxury, warm, gourmet produce that will ensure that everything is always the way it should be.

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All raw materials, from precious wood veneers to the most precious marble, are selected with the utmost care and flawlessly processed by Italian craftsmen thanks to their highest skills, which are executed with deep care and dedication, always respecting traditional guidelines.

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CPRN Homood's design has a distinctly modern character. All furniture collections are aimed at creating a sleek and sophisticated style that can fully satisfy the most modern functional requirements and aesthetic taste.

The artisanal manufacturing process that distinguishes CPRN Homood allows for custom-made furniture in sizes, finishes and upholstery.

CPRN Homood can realize furniture for both private residences and commercial premises, luxury hotels and guarantees a unique furnishing setting based on the tastes and desires of the client.

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The main goal of CPRN Homood is to offer the highest Italian quality and measurement services to create the perfect space for the client.

It all starts with a vision to create a special experience that celebrates art, luxury and sophistication. Creating beauty, rare and unexpected domestic joys. Explore special collections, discover unique and enriching moments in life. Simple lines, great materials and truly personalized service.

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Overall harmony and excellence in work are two main features that create a high-quality design with a strong personality. Great attention to detail and careful selection of the most valuable materials make the CPRN Homood collections a wonderful life experience for all users.

CPRN Homood is a project combining past and present, antique furniture and innovative design.

The Italian tradition of craftsmanship evolves in a vibrant modern space where high quality and beauty create a unique style that offers tailor-made solutions for every taste.