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About Domus factory

Domus Furniture Factory boasts over 50 years of experience and highly specialized staff in exploring and creating spaces that best interpret each personality type, temperament, and behavioral model.

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A true passion for their profession and a deep synergy between tradition and innovation, that is, a craft background and the ability to constantly innovate using the most advanced and sophisticated technological means, have always been the strengths of Domus.

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The many years of corporate experience have been created through a continuous growth path that begins with the deep skill of its founder, Alberto Bitozzi, to evolve into a skilled industrial and technological reality since the 2000s.

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The latest trends in the international furniture market call for an ever increasing use of padding.

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In order to express all its quality and creativity, the company decided to carry out this delicate stage of work in-house.

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Every detail of a Domus product is designed and manufactured with the utmost care, because it is in the details that true quality lies.

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And the quality is always carefully checked before shipment by performing a complete pre-assembly.

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