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Fanfani Andrea

About Fanfani Andrea factory

Andrea Fanfani's furniture does not need to be introduced, it makes you fall in love at first sight! Refined, noble, uncompromisingly beautiful, comfortable and of high quality - perfection itself!

By creating such furniture, the masters of the factory create beauty and thereby create joy and happiness!

Andrea Fanfani furniture is luxurious and luxurious furniture.

Fanfani Andrea's story is a story of passion that flourishes in an extraordinary setting. Studying in Florence means absorbing the taste for beauty every day, which will remain in your memory for the rest of your life.

It was in Florence that the founder of the company, Andrea Fanfani, studied sophisticated methods of decoration such as carving and gold leaf, immersed in the energy of the artisan workshops of the San Frediano district of Florence.

The artful decoration of the Florentine school has transformed classical furniture into unique works of art: with carvings and gold leaf, classic Italian wood furniture has a sophisticated soft touch, imbued with the energy of the artisan workshops of the Florentine San Frediano area.

Andrea Fanfani remains the creative and entrepreneurial engine of the company, but he has also brought his entire family into full-time employment, including his sons Marco and Roberto, not to mention all the employees who make up a large, close-knit and collaborative team.

For over 40 years the company has been researching, designing and manufacturing furniture components in the purest Florentine tradition. Centuries of knowledge, skills, methods and secrets are still alive and conquering the world thanks to our simultaneously classic and innovative production.

Skilled craftsmanship is the basis of the great Italian furniture tradition, in the footsteps of which the work of Andrea Fanfani follows. Each piece of furniture is made and decorated only by hand, with the utmost care and attention in accordance with the ancient culture of the Florentine workshops, created to decorate and furnish there the Renaissance palaces for which Florence remains famous throughout Europe.

Not only care and attention give prestige to the works of Andrea Fanfani. The gilding technique uses only 23-carat gold leaf, applied strictly by hand in accordance with the Florentine technique of guazzo (gouache), an ancient decorative art dating back to the 13th century. The end result guarantees stunning shine and durability over time.

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