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Maison Valentina

About factory Maison Valentina

Maison Valentina was born in Porto, Portugal, with the aim of creating the finest and most sophisticated bathroom furniture. Maison Valentina offers high quality solutions made from the finest materials, combined with rare handcrafted techniques, modern designs and the highest quality.

As a global brand, design presence in the most important cities is inevitable. Establishing close communication and working proximity with clients is imperative.

Maison Valentina takes it to the next level with a customer support team and customer focus.

Through this customer-centric approach, Maison Valentina focuses on customer requirements, aiming to optimize value while guaranteeing excellence in design, production, commercialization and customer support.

As a preeminent brand, Maison Valentina aims to become the main reference in the global luxury bathroom market, raising the value of luxury and taking the market to new heights.

The main goal of Maison Valentina is to offer the same comfort and luxury that can be felt in any other home, while maintaining the best exclusive designs and bold pieces.

Collecting talented professionals from different fields, each piece is handcrafted and tailored to the needs and desires of the client.

The presented uniqueness and exclusivity of the brand's products is ensured by the fact that experienced craftsmen focus all their efforts on creating aesthetic and functional perfection.

The new challenges that Maison Valentin is taking allows the client to demand personalized and unique details in which the company certainly exceeds the expectations of the clients.

Maison Valentin's unique creations transform any bathroom, whether you are building it from scratch or simply remodeling it.

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The sizes of items can be specified by calling the phone number indicated on the website.