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About the Marchetti factory

Design and craftsmanship

For over forty years, the Marchetti factory has been creating its own unique style, mixing it with the energy and skill of the entrepreneurial spirit that has always distinguished the family and its history, based on the indispensable quality and elegance of Made in Italy.

Marchetti offers original designs in the European and global markets that are easily adaptable to taste without betraying time-honored craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Marchetti has always valued the relationship between design and craftsmanship in order to achieve superior results, ensuring that even the newest materials are handled with the same care as the materials used for handicrafts, thanks to artisans who have developed the skills required over the years. for each specific process.

Marchetti Illuminazione: name, long-term warranty

Marchetti Illuminazione was founded over 40 years ago in Ancona with a simple and precise purpose: to give life to crystal chandeliers and lamps that capture the imagination.

This was possible thanks to the high level of skill. In fact, Marchetti Illuminazione produces products made entirely by hand, with clean and thoughtful lines, a great fusion of classic and modern styles. A home with a Marchetti Illuminazione product has more value, is more exciting.

Style, craftsmanship and attention to detail

Marchetti Illuminazione products are known for their style and personality, always respecting traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail. The factory works at all stages of production from the initial sketch of the idea to its final implementation. The factory specializes in the entire production cycle of lighting fixtures. It is equipped with efficient and modern industrial equipment with a high quality finishing and painting department, which allows you to create products with excellent chromatic effects. Note that pure 24k gold and 1000 galvanized silver plating also applies to 316 stainless steel for marine environments.

Innovation and thoughts for the future

Enjoying the nectar of flowers, painting the magic of flight at such a speed that it floats in the air, enjoying the light. The hummingbird embodies the idea of ​​freedom, energy and perseverance. Without thinking about his size, he dreams and nurtures ideas that many consider impossible. The hummingbird symbolizes the joy of life and the ability to learn from experience.

Marchetti, like a little bird, is in continuous evolution: she wants to move forward, innovate and think about the future in order to best preserve her vital energies.

Marchetti is a man of imagination and passion ... because only those who believe in their dreams can fly.

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