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About factory Masiero

Masiero is a company specializing in high quality decorative lighting from Casale sul Sile, in the Treviso area.

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This is where it all begins. Even its history, which, as in the Made in Italy tradition, is the history of a family business that began in 1981 with the name Emme Pi Light, which was replaced by the family name in 2005 with the arrival of Enrico Maria Maziero, son of founders Paolo Maziero and Marilen Pellizzato. The official debut took place in 2009.

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The backbone of the production is Maria Teresa, typical of the Venetian tradition. But glass bases with their swirls and numerous pendants and flowers, notably the DRYLIGHT outdoor collection and Mark Sadler's new RAQAM modular project, are now a constant occasion for technological evolution and engineering. Inventions protected by international patents, which collect experiments with new light sources, use the latest innovations in lighting as well as home automation control applications.

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Innovations that have led to the unification of the characteristics of the decorative world with the technical one, as well as architectural light. For indoor and outdoor use. An important step forward is DIMORE and ATELIER - two catalogs that collect and develop MASIERO's current products, expanded to a modern level and focused respectively on residential and contract solutions.

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Each product is brought to life in factories, where a dedicated production chain spans the entire cycle, centered on the technical office and prototype production facility. From the processing of individual blanks to assembly, painting, finishing and decoration; from the electrical system to testing and packaging and shipping, the entire process is focused on quality control and special requirements.

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Creations are born from raw materials, processed by highly skilled subcontractors from Italian and foreign regions, and then transformed and assembled at home: iron, brass and steel for frames; silk organza, Le Bock shantang, pong and damask for lampshades; Crystals Asfour, Bohemia and Swarowski for pendants; ceramic roses Bassano. And for the very latest lines, chiseled wood, resin and methacrylate.

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Manufacturing and quality materials, technical and tailoring skills, as well as high-end market positioning: these are the various aspects that make the MASIERO brand unique.

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Masiero stands for elegance, tradition and success in the art of lighting, recognized all over the world. The prestige of Italian production, his creations, inspired by the oldest Venetian art, are meticulously crafted perfection.
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