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Minotti Luigi & Benigno

About Minotti Luigi & Benigno factory

More than sixty years have passed since the founding of Minotti Luigi & Benigno. Then, in 1950, a small family workshop was opened, but now it has grown into a factory producing luxury furniture.

Minotti Luigi & Benigno produces exclusive and elite furniture.

The furniture of the Italian factory Minotti Luigi & Benigno is a celebration of handicraft and is not just a concept.

It is also an attitude to business and at the same time a philosophy.

This has always been the way the factory operates on a daily basis for over fifty years for those who choose Minotti Luigi & Benigno furniture.

The finest craftsmanship, the use of noble and truly exclusive materials such as mother-of-pearl inlays and reliefs, combined with invaluable historical research, are the values ​​that have always defined the creations of Minotti Luigi & Benigno.

Strict adherence to the original Italian traditions, the use of ancient secrets of skilled craftsmen make each item and accessory special, capable of giving a gloss to any interior.

The materials used in the production of Minotti Luigi & Benigno furniture are exclusively natural and of a high level of quality. Hardwood - maple, pear, walnut, cherry; veneer, carving, gold leaf decoration make every detail original and special.

Handicraft gives exclusivity and special charm. This furniture will give a special mood and become the main highlight of your home.

A constant search for new solutions and design experiments accompany each collection.

The consistent course of excellence has never deviated from its goal. That is why the products of the furniture house Minotti Luigi Benigno are so popular in the world. After all, everyone wants to join the true Italy, chic and magnificent.

The center of Italian furniture Antonovich Home is the official representative of the factory in Kazakhstan.

Antonovoch Home store (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan) gives you the opportunity to choose and buy furniture, lamps, accessories from the best Italian manufacturers.

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