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About Noorth Factory

Noorth is a new brand that draws on the invaluable experience of Milldue, a company that has been operating in the bathroom furniture sector since 1976.

The new brand, targeting an international audience, with products designed and manufactured by Italian craftsmen, is a pioneering result of Milldue's research: a new way to present yourself and an innovative approach to expressing your essence.

The Noorth collections unfold in a series of exclusive decorations that are perfect for modern bathrooms, exemplifying a new approach to design: an architectural idea takes shape, which is then transformed into an extensive and exclusive collection. Modern, functional and characterized by a special individual and architectural approach.

Timeless collections offer versatile and functional solutions structured along different lines that fully interpret different aesthetics, elements and styles.

Noorth goes beyond purely functional aspects and explores the theme of well-being in real-life settings, exploring in detail, combining volumes, surfaces and lines together with harmonious elegance. Noorth expresses an innovative approach to the Milldue philosophy that has always been focused on the world of well-being.