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About Preciosa factory

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The history of the production of crystal lamps by the Czech company "Preciosa - Chandeliers A.O." ("Preciosa - Lustry, as") starts counting from 1724.

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The palaces of the French King Louis XV, the Austrian Empress Maria Theresa and the Russian Empress Elisabeth are among those to whom the original Czech chandeliers, floor lamps and wall lamps (sconces) gave the imprint of grandeur and the brilliance of perfection.

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Such classic, but certainly improved, models of lamps are still being produced by the company "Preciosa - Lustry".

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Many buildings and interiors around the world, such as the La Scala opera in Milan, the Royal Opera in Rome or the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York, could hardly radiate such splendor without Preciosa crystal lamps.

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And wherever Czech crystal chandeliers are found, they have become a decorative element of architecture, and not just a decoration of the room.

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By themselves, Preciosa crystal lamps are able to create an imposing atmosphere for any interior, and thanks to the variety of models, these chandeliers are easy to adapt to any architectural style.

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Preciosa crystal lamps are symbols of good taste, wealth and nobility, and are no less prestigious than expensive jewelry.

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The activities of the Czech company Preciosa are mainly focused on the production of lighting fixtures (such as a chandelier, sconce, floor lamp, candelabrum, table lamp) for residential premises, and the implementation of lighting projects (for example, a project chandelier or a whole ensemble of chandeliers created for a specific hotel lobby project, restaurant, concert hall or just a private house).

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Preciosa carries out individual lighting projects, taking into account the wishes of the client and the design requirements of a particular room, guiding the project through all stages - design of a luminaire or luminaires, creation of models of individual parts, technical drawing, production, installation and subsequent maintenance.

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Continuous work is underway to update the range of Preciosa luminaires in the entire range of design styles, types and sizes.

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The main task of Preciosa today, at the beginning of the 21st century, is to maintain the first place in the world in the production of both exclusive classic crystal and modern decorative lamps, as well as to constantly improve the level of service for chandelier customers.

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Remaining in the world market as a traditional and stable worldwide manufacturer of crystal lamps and glass decorations, Preciosa continues to successfully manufacture them.

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Almost 300 years of assistance in the development of the unique craft of lighting fixtures has taught Czech glassmakers to be perfect in working with glass, but they keep the intricacies of this art a secret, passing them on from generation to generation.

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By successfully combining decades of experience with the most modern technology, techniques and continuous improvement, Preciosa remains one of the world's largest designers and manufacturers of decorative luminaires and complete lighting projects.

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Preciosa is the epitome of absolute craftsmanship, manifested in the visible results of the processes of melting, shaping, grinding, and polishing of glass - in finished products we see the pleasant shine and optical clarity of crystal. Thanks to this unique art, Preciosa decorates its lamps with its own crystal trimmings.

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The Preciosa factory is located in the north of Bohemia in the town of Kamenický Šenov, where the first chandelier workshop was founded in 1724. And the craftsmen of Preciosa continue a long tradition that is supported by the invention of special technologies and techniques.

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They try to protect this art as carefully as possible, and thus Preciosa remains the only global manufacturer that owns it and uses it in the production of unique chandeliers. And it is precisely this art of glass making that attracts those who are looking for the widest possible range of crystal chandeliers and glass decorative objects.

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Particular attention should be paid to the huge range of commercially available luminaires. Basically, each luminaire is produced according to the general style of the category to which it belongs.

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