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About Provasi factory

Elite Italian furniture Provasi magically mesmerizes with the pomp and elegant and luxurious design of every element of its headsets, creating a fashionable atmosphere in elite hotels, international banks and diplomatic events around the world.

The Provasi factory is located near Milan, in the industrial province of Brianza, where the traditions of handicraft are still preserved. The name of the Provasi brand, as is often the case, is nothing more than the surname of its founders - the brothers Enrico, Paolo, Giovanni and Roberto.

The case passed to them from his father, Antonio Provazi, who had worked all his life as a restorer. In the early 1970s, the brothers opened their first factory in Cabiate, near Monza, and eventually moved to a new, larger factory in Seregno, where the main production is now located. Some of the furniture is made in small workshops in the neighborhood.

With the coming to the leadership of Roberto Provazi, the company has grown into a brand known in all parts of the world.

Provasi showrooms are scattered all over the world, with the exception of the Middle East. Roberto explains it this way: “In the East, my clients are sheikhs who don’t like it when they can go out and buy furniture they’ve bought in a store”.

Most of the work in Provasi is done by hand, so all the models are different from each other. The upholstery fabric is cut right on site and each piece is upholstered by a single craftsman.

The key to the success of the Provazi brothers is their attitude to their craft, which implies exceptional thoughtfulness and meticulousness. Until now, three of them, with the exception of the eldest Enrico, work in the factory: Paolo deals with fabrics, Giovanni, at sixty-three years old, spends all his days in the woodworking workshop, Roberto is responsible for the development of the enterprise.

The brothers managed to inherit the secrets of production, as well as family values ​​- today their children are also involved in business.

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