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About Turri Factory

Since 1925, when the first furniture comes out of Pietro Turri's workshop, it immediately attracts attention due to its quality. Three words, then as now, summarize Turri's philosophy: original, genuine, unique. This value is in each of our products, from a single piece of furniture to more complex furnishings. Turri is guided by love and respect for the classic tradition, which requires work at an uncompromising and incomparable level of quality, even when modern and innovative interpretations are offered. From these assumptions was born the Turri style, a way of conceiving luxury in an environment that places Turri among the resounding names of "Made in Italy" that the world has recognized behind them.

Turri's mission is to bring the art of dwelling luxury to every space, who seek luxury will always find in Turri a deep understanding of their aspirations.


In the offices of Turri, in the production halls, there is a daily work of "creating" luxury.
This is the spirit with which the materials are chosen here and every component of Turri furniture is finished. But this is not enough either.
The most sophisticated machines and installations would not have been able to achieve the uniqueness and quality of Turri if it were not for what Turri considers the most important creator of the end result: the handicraft, thanks to which workers - often true artists - complete each individual element with knowledge.
This is the only way to achieve maximum form, quality and prestige. This is the only way furniture can bear the Turri mark.


The company was founded in 1925 on the initiative of Pietro Turri and for almost fifty years has become a leading company in the field of interior furnishing. The key to the company's success is its clear position in the market. Turri offers its clients furniture in classic and modern styles. This has become not only a tradition, but also a philosophy of the company. Every piece of furniture produced by the company (from the first dressers and drawers in 1925 to the products of today) is the quintessence of three simple fundamental concepts: originality, authenticity and uniqueness.


The first thing that comes to mind when mentioning Turri products is handmade. The production of furniture (upholstered or cabinet) is characterized by the use of unique techniques and high quality materials. Each piece of furniture is crafted and assembled with the utmost care, with the elegance of true high-end craftsmanship. Perhaps this factor is decisive for obtaining an excellent result. Lacquer, brass, glass, precious woods are combined in a product, processed and painted using techniques from the early XNUMXth century. Such, for example, as multi-stage application of paint and varnish layers and application of gilding with the effect of antiquity. The frame of upholstered furniture is made of durable poplar wood. The finest fabrics with exquisite motifs from the most famous weaving manufactories are used for the upholstery. Turri personally supervises all materials and makes sure that all customer requirements are taken into account. The goal of each product is to achieve maximum results in terms of form, quality and prestige.


In 1975, thanks to the positive reaction of the sales markets and the economic recovery of the company in terms of annual turnover, Turri made a significant investment by acquiring two manufacturing plants with a total area of ​​18 sq. M. meters, providing work for 000 people, in the city of Carugo, the heart of Furniture Brianza.
There is an unconditional connection between the success of Turri production and entering the international market; the growing interest of non-European countries in Turri products has stimulated entry into new markets for the company.
The cosmopolitan nature of Turri has contributed to the birth and development of new ideas that have allowed the company's leaders to correctly assess a promising investment.


The success of Turri products is closely linked to the company's entry into the international market. These two factors reinforce and emphasize each other. At the same time, the company's active cosmopolitanism helped to create incentives and formulate ideas with an eye to the future. Turri products are sold in the best specialized stores around the world. We are present in all the most established markets in Europe and America, in Russia, in the Middle and Far East. The company's ubiquitous presence is not limited to geography alone. Turri offers high quality products and impeccable service, meeting exclusive requirements.


The continuous evolution of furniture production and execution techniques, a constant reminder of the exquisite traditions of the classics have allowed Turri to export its products to many countries of the world. Namely: 90% of sales are in foreign markets.


Over the years, the company has developed a successful 'projects division'. The company has carried out numerous prestigious design projects for public spaces and hotels, with interiors completely tailored to size, hence the need for a dedicated unit to develop ideas, design and implement any project required. Turri has managed to expand its own commercial offerings, promoting turnkey projects, selling a wide variety of products. Suspended ceilings, wood wall panels, marble, doors, furniture in size, adaptable to any type of space, from private luxury residences and hotel chains to restaurants and yachts.


2013 was a decisive year for Turri, who increasingly believes in the strength and stability of its own brand and continues to invest!
New production facility with an area of ​​20 sq. meters opened in Briosco. This factory will enable the company to increase its manufacturing capabilities while maintaining the highest quality. Thanks to its excellent organization combined with efficient logistics, Turri is able to meet any requirements of the most demanding customers, guaranteeing an impeccable service.


Turri constantly pursues a policy of investing in resources and projects with broad growth prospects. In 2015, which is also the company's ninetieth anniversary, Turri opened a new flagship store in Milan, at Via Borgospesso 11, within the quadrangle of luxury and fashion. This store will become a meeting point for all international clientele coming to Milan.


New ideas and projects force Turri to continuously improve, thinking about the future. The artisan approach to production, the excellent staff working for the company and the passion for authentic Made in Italy furniture will allow the company to reach new heights of success.

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