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Living room furniture from the best Italian factories

Living room furniture is always not just a decoration of the room, but also a source of comfort. With the help of beautiful pieces of furniture, interiors become a luxurious source of aesthetic and sensual pleasure. Everything in the living room is designed to fully reveal the character of the owners of the house, their status, understanding of beauty and, of course, hospitality.

Salon of Italian furniture Antonovich Home presents the best collections of furniture for living rooms from leading Italian factories

Living room furniture may well become not only a necessary and beautiful part of the interior, but also a real family heirloom. In our showroom, you will find luxurious new items that impress with their combination of elegance, functionality and perfection.

Custom-made living rooms will allow you to choose exactly what you dreamed of. Professional consultants of the Antonovich Home salon will reveal to you the wonderful world of luxury furniture from Italy and help you make the perfect choice. Living room furniture will be a continuation of your style, sense of taste and understanding of beauty.

We offer the finest sets of living room furniture made by skilled Italian craftsmen. Combining the secrets of ancient handicrafts and the latest methods of processing materials, you can create living room furniture that is comparable to a work of art. The valuable wood is perfectly combined with natural leather, metal, all kinds of inlays and magnificent upholstery. Elite Italian furniture for the living room is chosen by true connoisseurs of beauty and comfort.

Living room furniture in classic style

A living room in a classic style will easily add the charm of a royal palace to your home. Elegant forms of furniture are complemented by luxury fabrics. The classic style remains at the peak of its popularity. Such furniture is chosen by those who respect family traditions and strive to create a real family nest. Elite furniture from Italy for living rooms in a classic style, you can easily and comfortably order in the Antonovich Home salon.

Furniture for the living room in a contemporary style.

Italian factories offer luxurious living room furniture options in a contemporary style. Talented Italian designers masterfully combine wood, metal, leather, plastic and modern fabrics to create uniquely beautiful living room furniture sets. You can choose in our catalogs exactly what suits your interior. Create your ideal living environment with contemporary Italian living rooms with Antonovich Home.

Art Deco living room furniture

Luxurious Art Deco is the favorite choice of passionate natures who understand and appreciate the eternal celebration of life. Living room furniture in the Art Deco style is incredibly beautiful and bright sofas, armchairs and showcases. Italian factories use the finest fabrics in rich colors, Swarovski inlay, snake skin and other materials to create beautiful Art Deco living room furniture.

Whatever style you choose, choosing luxury furniture from Italian manufacturers in Antonovich Home salon, you get the best that exists in the world today. The furniture sets for the living room also include amazingly beautiful coffee tables, display cases for dishes, decorative lamps and other necessary items for maximum comfort. Living room furniture from Italy is the eternal values ​​of beauty and comfort, which are unchanged at all times.

The living room is the epicenter of your home, where all the main moments are concentrated. Choose the best sets of furniture for living rooms in Antonovich Home salon and your house will be filled with a wonderful mood of beauty, hospitality and comfort!

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