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Medea living room Prestige

Manufacturer: Medea


Sofa Chantal Medea living room Prestige L 283 W 120 H 98
Round side coffee table Ø76 H 76
Sofa Palace Medea living room Prestige  L 325 W 230 H 86
Sofa Palace Medea living room Prestige L 325 W 230 H 86
Pouf Chantal Medea living room Prestige L 150 W 56 H 44
Pouf Chantal Medea living room Prestige L 150 W 56 H 44

Many Italian factories produce premium furniture that is highly regarded in the world market.

A magical combination of fantasy and elegance, exquisite sensuality, harmony of shape and color, luxurious combinations of materials!

Complete freedom of creativity, born of intuition and flight of thought ...

A tremendous opportunity to realize your own ideas - the art of the Medea factory masters opens up new horizons for creation.

However, there are not so many enterprises that can boast more than a century of development history.

One of these factories is Medea Mobili, founded in 1905.

Initially, the company was focused on the production of high-value furniture using traditional Italian woodworking techniques.

Over time, production technologies have changed, assortment and style have diversified, but the company has never deviated from the principle of producing furniture of only exceptional quality.

The great appearance of each piece of furniture from Medea is achieved not only through design, but also through the most careful selection of materials.

Wood is treated here as an artistic canvas, using veneer of expensive species, paying attention to the pattern, texture and shade of wood.

This achieves the perfect appearance of the wooden furniture parts.

Also, special attention is paid to the selection of upholstery fabrics and leather used in the production of upholstered furniture.

To create unique interior projects for individual orders, original materials are often used, for example, silk fabric for wall upholstery.

The development of new products requires an active creative approach and creative control at all levels, the result is the true nobility of forms and the antique beauty of each item in the collection.

Factory specialists look at their achievements with pride and strive for new heights in development and new successes.

You can order Medea furniture in Astana at the Antonovich Home Italian Furniture Center.

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