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Manufacturer: CEPPI STYLE


Daybed Astra CEPPI STYLE, Capitonné finish D 210 D 102 H 100
Couch Rosalie CEPPI STYLE, walnut, gilding D 168 D 85 H 84
Daybed Flowers CEPPI STYLE, handmade carving D 180 D 66 H 82
Daybed Venice CEPPI STYLE, black lacquer, silver plated D 190 D 88 H 105
Couch Venice CEPPI STYLE, walnut, lacquer, gilding D 190 D 88 V

The couch is a kind of single sofa. It has been known since antiquity as a piece of aristocratic interior design.

A bed that does not have a backrest is often called a "couch-type bed".

Delicate, smoothly curved S-shaped backs and armrests were the best fit for fashionable ladies, gracefully emphasizing the sophistication and shape of the body.

The couches from the Italian factory CEPPI STYLE are a glamorous and enchanting piece of furniture, where the creativity and skillful handicraft of Italian craftsmen fully reveal their charm and perfection.

Antonovich Home Italian Furniture Center in Astana is ready to offer you - true connoisseurs of luxury - all the best to emphasize your high status!