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Manufacturer: CEPPI STYLE


CEPPI STYLE upholstered sofa upholstered in pink velvet D 240 D 97 H 100
CEPPI STYLE armchair upholstered in pink velvet D 100 D 97 H 100
Lacquered rectangular coffee table CEPPI STYLE, crystal top D 130 D 80 H 48
Lacquered round table CEPPI STYLE, crystal top Ø 60 H 65

Sofas and armchairs of the Italian factory CEPPI STYLE in a classic style - out of fashion and time. They always look modern and elegant.

Classics - a style thought out to the smallest detail. Therefore, the sofa, as the central detail of the interior, is free to set the tone for the whole ensemble.
The classic CEPPI STYLE sofas are functional and in perfect harmony with the decor.

These gorgeous pieces of furniture are beautiful in an antique style and comfortable in a modern way.

The modern proportions of classic furniture make it not only a reference, but also universal, so a sofa, armchairs in a classic style will easily fit into any interior.

New materials and technologies only add perfection to classic furniture, allowing to preserve timeless elegance and status.

Antonovich Home Italian Furniture Center in Astana is ready to offer you - true connoisseurs of luxury - all the best to emphasize your high status!