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SAT upholstered furniture MADAME

Manufacturer: SAT:

Italian upholstered furniture Madame from the Sat factory allows you to achieve maximum sophistication in the interior without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

Elite furniture will also give you a unique delight of its highest quality, excellent ergonomics and exclusivity!

The collection includes a sofa and armchairs with legs, the latter available in two luxurious finishes. The furniture is upholstered with an elite fabric that has excellent durability, retains its beauty and quality throughout the entire period of operation, even if it is decades!

The classic upholstered furniture from Italy Madame by the Sat factory is characterized by elegant shapes, curved armrests and legs, hand-carved and patinated with gold leaf as decoration.

Having decorated the interior with Madame upholstered furniture from the Sat factory, you can place the right accents, emphasizing the status and respectability of the whole house.

Create an elite interior with us!

By giving preference to the furniture of the Italian company SAT, you create a truly prestigious and respectable interior filled with style and comfort.

To buy furniture from the Italian company SAT, study our online catalog, where a variety of models are presented with high-quality photos, compare the models you like and place an order.

To purchase the collection, please contact the Antonovich Home Italian Furniture Center in Nur-Sultan.