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CEPPI STYLE bedroom 3 Luxury

Manufacturer: CEPPI STYLE


CEPPI bed, walnut, carving, gilding D 236 D 216 H 182
6-door wardrobe CEPPI, walnut, gilding D 314 G 64V 240
Chest of drawers CEPPI, 6 drawers, walnut, carving, gold plating D 172 D 60 H 80
CEPPI wardrobe, walnut, gilding D 314 G 64V 240
Mirror CEPPI, 2 drawers, walnut, carving, gold plated D 110 D 24 H 90
Bedside table CEPPI, walnut, carving, gilding D 68 D 40 H 73
Bedside table CEPPI, walnut, carving, gilding D 60 D 44 H 66
Bench CEPPI D 166 D 53 H 48
Armchair CEPPI D 60 D 60 H 97

The classics will never lose their relevance. Just as carved furniture in a classic style will not go out of fashion. The aesthetics of the classics are supported by the design from the Italian brand CEPPI STYLE in the Luxury collection for the bedroom.

Dreams in the bedroom of the Italian factory CEPPI STYLE of the Luxury collection give rest and bliss - this is the best sleep in the most comfortable conditions. The elegant and incredibly attractive bed beckons to plunge into his arms.

The CEPPI STYLE bed of the Luxury collection is a great investment in your comfort, which pays dividends every day!

Luxurious bedroom furniture from the Luxury collection of the Italian factory CEPPI STYLE looks spectacular and luxurious in its exquisite finishes and decor. She's just amazing!

Picturesque forms, capitonné upholstery give the furniture an emotional expressiveness and a royal look!

Built on a combination of classic expressiveness and modern functionality, CEPPI STYLE furniture creates an atmosphere of refined timeless elegance.

Antonovich Home Italian Furniture Center in Astana is ready to offer you - true connoisseurs of luxury - all the best to emphasize your high status!