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CEPPI STYLE bedroom 8 Luxury

Manufacturer: CEPPI STYLE


Ceppi Style dressing table, lacquer, gilding D 185 D 51 H 80
Ceppi Style bed, solid wood, lacquer, hand-painted, wood carving D 230 D 220 H 133
Chair Ceppi Style, gold plated, silver plated D 60 D 57 H 88
Ceppi Style bedside table, wood carving, lacquer, gilding D 59 D 42 H 73
Carved Mirror Ceppi Style, wood carving, lacquer, gilding D 160V 140

Furniture for the Luxury bedroom of the Italian factory CEPPI STYLE looks spectacular and luxurious in its exquisite finishes and decor.

She's just amazing!

Picturesque forms, sophisticated and romantic carvings on the headboard in the form of a luxurious bouquet of flowers give the furniture an emotional expressiveness and a royal look!

The unique look of the collection, its romantic emotional image captivates from the first time.

The potential buyer of this magnificent and luxurious collection is a person with a refined taste and a developed sense of beauty. He prefers classics with elements of aristocratic luxury.

The BEYOND LUXURY Collection bedroom is a true luxury, it is sensuality and charisma, exciting energy and the charm of prestige, it is the result of the persistent striving of Italian professionals to reach the highest point of perfection.

Center of Italian Furniture Antonovich Home in Astana I am glad to offer you - true connoisseurs of luxury - all the best!

LUXURY bedroom furniture collection includes Ceppi Style dressing table, Ceppi Style chair, Ceppi Style mirror, Ceppi Style bed, Ceppi Style bedside table.