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Ceppi Style dining room 8 Luxury Dining Rooms

Manufacturer: CEPPI STYLE


Ceppi armchair in walnut with gold details D 66 D 60 H 104
Ceppi oval extendable table in walnut with gold details L 180 W 120 + 3x50
Ceppi chair in walnut with gold details D 55 D 55 H 106
Mirror Ceppi D 150 B 100

Luxurious Italian furniture of the CEPPI STYLE brand has always been considered the embodiment of aristocracy and refined luxury.

If you are a supporter of elegant and rich classics, then the Luxury Dining Rooms collection of the Italian factory CEPPI STYLE is for you!

Excellent carving, inlay, decor reveal the desire of manufacturers for perfection.

Luxury Dining Rooms furniture is luxurious and ambitious, it works to enhance the pathos.

Each piece of furniture is carefully thought out from a decorative point of view, with unique rich inlays, wood carvings, adding precious touches to create a truly stellar dining room atmosphere.

The Luxury Dining Rooms collection of dining room furniture delights the eye with its sophistication and luxury.

In the XVIII-XIX centuries. the dining room space was supposed to demonstrate all the most valuable that is in the house. Today a similar scenario with dining room furniture Luxury Dining Rooms of the Italian factory Ceppi Style is still relevant. Exquisite decorative techniques: inlay, carving, gilding, silvering, do an excellent job of positioning furniture as a luxury item.

The luxury market knows no crisis, this also applies to the furniture sector. Today, luxury is synonymous with the highest quality, carefully selected and adorned with precious, elegant finishes, products made from precious materials.

Dining Room Furniture Luxury Dining Rooms is the unmistakable identifier of your social status.

Antonovich Home Italian Furniture Center in Astana is ready to offer you - true connoisseurs of luxury - all the best to emphasize your high status!