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Ceppi Style Déco style dining room Luxury Dining Rooms

Manufacturer: CEPPI STYLE


Ceppi dining table in Déco style, inlaid D 230 D 120 H 80
Showcase Ceppi 3 doors, Déco style, inlay D 190 D 56 H 210
Sideboard Ceppi 4 doors Déco style inlaid with marble top D 230 D 57 H 98
Ceppi mirror, Déco style, inlaid D 185 B 110
Ceppi upholstered chair with zebrano legs D 55 D 70 H 104

Art Deco furniture provokes emotions. It is designed to amaze, amaze with luxury, spectacular shapes and materials.

The Ceppi collection of dining rooms Déco Luxury Dining Rooms is a kind of triumph of refined luxury and hedonism.

Expensive materials, pleasant textures, richness of incrustation, bold forms delight and inspire.

The sharpened taste for life, the awareness of the frailty of life and the thirst for beauty gave rise to Art Deco - a style that has become the embodiment of refined luxury, brilliance and elegant comfort.

This is how the Ceppi furniture pieces for the Déco Luxury Dining Rooms appear before us.

The smooth streamlining of the furniture is ideally intertwined with the richness of decor and materials.

Luxurious furniture acquires a deliberate whimsy, and the combination of spectacular forms and intricate decor in its design excites the imagination.

The gloss of lacquered and marble surfaces also creates an effect of abundance and emphasizes the fashionableness and high status of the owners of such luxury furniture.

Déco Luxury Dining Rooms are the unmistakable identifier of your social status.

Antonovich Home Italian Furniture Center in Astana is ready to offer you - true connoisseurs of luxury - all the best to emphasize your high status!