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Giorgio Collection at Supersalone 2021

In terms of leading interior design trends, Isaloni is undoubtedly a pioneer in Milan. Supersalone 2021 is a dynamic moment for Milan, with outstanding renowned designers from all over the world interacting with each other, representing an average of 188 countries annually. The Giorgio Collection, one of the most incredibly sophisticated brands in the world of interior design, had two unmissable collections Charisma and Mirage on display at the booth.

Today this brand represents the pinnacle of luxury life.

Excellence in craftsmanship, enterprise, innovative energy and dedication are elements of the prosperity of the Giorgio Collection, a dynamic enterprise in the prestigious furniture industry, led with love and dedication to its president, Fabio Masolo.

Founded in 1956 by the original nucleus of the Masolo family, the company has, over 60 years of its existence, strived to anticipate, predict and inspire many stylistic trends, constantly creating its own unique and distinctive style.

Elegant and beautiful lines of furniture, inspired by Art Deco, create geometric and flowing forms that can only be realized through avant-garde design.

The full expression of the “Made in Italy” concept is central to the identity of the Giorgio Collection, which today constantly combines heritage and innovative thinking: the abilities of skilled craftsmen are used to complete a product created with modern technological solutions, while craftsmanship helps to balance industrial precision with sentimentality.

This high level of professionalism is continually enhanced through meticulous resource research and innovative solutions that add value to impeccable parts and the brand's commitment to excellence.