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Modern collection UTOPIA 2021 Pregno

Pregno is synonymous in the world with professionalism, creativity and style. Its values ​​are the soul of each product: from a single piece of furniture to the most complete and sophisticated furniture.

Pregno's Utopia collection is a tangible expression of Pregno's philosophy, based on experience, passion for wood and constant research into materials and finishes, the real strength of Pregno.

Utopia represents a commitment to design for the present, with experience and awareness of the past, but with an emphasis on the future.
Utopia is an expression of new materials, unparalleled finishes and innovative solutions.

Design draws inspiration from modern life, transcending conventional design boundaries.
Utopia is an expression of new materials, new finishes and innovative design.
Utopia is getting new Pregno finishes "Watersilk" and "Ice". These are distinctive elements that give a personal touch to any space.

With the Utopia collection, Pregno returns to its customers the highest level of creativity, attention and quality.
Drawing inspiration from modern life, Utopia embodies all the modernity of life that transcends the traditional boundaries of design, thanks to new technologies patented by Pregno.

At Pregno, skilled craftsmen craft the finest materials to create new home scenarios.

To buy Italian furniture in Nur-Sultan by Pregno, study our online catalog, where a variety of models are presented with high-quality photos, compare the models you like and place an order.
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